Grow Your Uninvested Cash At a Current Rate of 3.5%

Webull Canada clients will earn 3.5% on Canadian dollar balance and 3.0% on US dollar balance*. The higher your balance, the more you'll earn.

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*The interest rate for the Cash management is as of March, 2024, and may change at any time before or after the Account is opened.
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Exceptional rates
Get a rate of 3.5% on your uninvested CDN cash balance, as well as 3% on your uninvested USD cash balance, right in your brokerage account. It is that simple.
$0 fees & no minimums
Free yourself from monthly fees - what you earn stays with you. Earn interest with no minimums.
CIPF coverage
Along with your investments, your assets are insured under CIPF coverage up to certain limits.
Access and manage your account 24/7 with our mobile app. Trade and invest with the interest-bearing balance seamlessly.
See how much you can earn
Use this simple interest calculator to estimate your growth over time. With this calculator, you can set a goal and figure out how much you need to save to hit the mark.
Interest Earned
no data
Future Balance
with 3.50% current rate*
Interest Earned
Initial Deposit
No minimum required
Duration of Time
5 Years
Monthly Deposit
* The current rate is subject to change and does not guarantee future projections.
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Start earning high interest on your uninvested balances.
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Webull Securities (Canada) Limited is regulated by CIRO and (member CIPF) and offers Order Execution Only securities trading. More info: