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No Fees*
0 commission trading 0 platform fees​
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3.5% on C$ balance 3.0% on US$ balance No fees or account minimums
(Available for Cash and Margin accounts only)
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TMX Level 2 CBOE NEO Level 2 Nasdaq TotalView
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Smart Research Tools with 60+ Technical Indicators​
*Introductory zero commission promotion is valid for 90 days. Regulatory Fees, Exchange Fees and other Fees may apply. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details.
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Net Qualifying Deposit Amount*
CAD $100 - $4,999
CAD $5,000 - $24,999
CAD $25,000 - $99,999
CAD $100,000 - $499,999
Cash Rewards
CAD $50
CAD $100
CAD $300
CAD $1,000
CAD $500,000+
CAD $4,000
Step 1:
Open an account.
Step 2:
Make the required Net Qualifying Deposit Amount during 5/30/2024 - 7/1/2024.
Step 3:
Maintain your Net Qualifying Deposit Amount between 5/30/2024 - 10/23/2024.
Step 4:
Claim your rewards on 10/24/2024.
Why Webull​
Zero commission. No platform fees. No minimum deposits. Trade CA & US stocks with an introductory 90 days 0 commission.​
Seamlessly trade and invest with interest-bearing balances that grow at a current rate of 3.5% on Canadian dollar balance and 3.0% on US dollar balance.
(Available for Cash and Margin accounts only.)
A professional toolkit at your fingertips. Powerful charting and comprehensive analysis tools.
Make informed decisions with advanced quotes. Nasdaq TotalView, TMX Level 2, and CBOE NEO Level 2.
Practice your US trading with free paper trading. Take your US trading to the next level with extended hours trading and multiple order types​.
Get your cash rewards in 4 steps:
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Register with Webull Canada.
Submit an application to open a brokerage account. You'll receive an email confirming you are approved or requesting supplementary information.
Go to "Transfers", link your bank account, and initiate a deposit of no less than C$100.
Claim your cash reward in the Promotion Centre in the Webull mobile app when the deposit settles.
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